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Cartoonist Madhan – Creativity & Innovation

About the author :

Madhan is a league by himself in the world of cartooning: he is also well known as a journalist, writer and a film critic. His primary claim to fame was as a cartoonist and his success was his ability to evoke instantaneous laughter. His strong visual ideas were etched in the memory of readers for long. “Advances in the field of multi-media have come as a big plus, but no computer could draw on its own”, he says with a chuckle.

Madhan started his career as a struggling freelancer, and soon joined the Vikatan Group of Publications as a trainee cartoonist. Later he took over as the Group’s Joint Editor, and helped organize the Student Reporters Scheme, under which he trained hundreds of talented college students in the field of journalism.

Though a cartoonist, he wrote a successful historical serial on the Great Mughals – Vandhargal Vendrargal (They Came, They Conquered) in Junior Vikatan, which was subsequently published as a book. It was a best-seller, running to 18 editions, with one and a half lakh copies sold. His question-and-answer series ‘Hai Madhan’in the Ananda Vikatan magazine is very popular among Tamil readers. In recent times he has emerged as a well-known film critic on television. “Madhan’s Thirai Parvai” on the Tamil television channel Star Vijay was a whopping success, completing 350 shows. His habit of putting across his opinion about the movie through cartoons at the end of the show had become very popular. Besides, he has also penned the dialogues for many Tamil movies like Anbe Sivam and Kanchivaram. Currently, Madhan runs his creative consultancy unit ‘Madhan’s Sway’ which provides guidance and assistance in Journalism, Advertising, Audio/Visual projects to media-related companies.

TEDxSalem was on independently organized TED event held at Salem,Tamilnadu on Jan 2011.


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